The Internet and web shopping is a growing part of the customers´ research and buying. However according to a newly analysis from Eniro Denmark, most of us still prefer – especially within the fashion business – to shop in the physical store. Up to 71% of the respondents are still making the final purchase in the local store despite that 9 out of 10 seek product information on the Internet beforehand.

Also Retail Institute Scandinavia emphasizes that the physical store is playing an important role. In March 2015, Retail Institute Scandinavia participated as a speaker at the DdD Retail Solutions Conference in Copenhagen, talking about especially female customers enjoying the store experience as a social room. It is important however to remember that the store, if possible, needs to reflect the possibilities on the Internet. The customer wants uniformity and the same experience no matter where she is exposed. That means that prices, assortment and service needs alignment.

Implementing the DdD POS, as the cornerstone in your business it is possible to gather all IT solutions that can contribute to make this uniformity. The stock in the store and on the web shop are synchronized, making the retailer seeing the stock figures in real time and making it possible for the customer to buy on the web shop and exchange in the store. With the Click & Collect feature it is even possible for the customer to reserve the item on the web shop and then visit the local store afterwards to try out and get the item, the customer can earn points as a loyal customer and much more.