The cash register appeared for the first time in 1879, invented by the Ritty brothers. The saloon owner James Ritty experienced that his employees were not able to correctly calculate (others state that they cheated on purpose) and at a business trip to Europe, he saw a mechanism that gave him the inspiration to the first cash register ever.

The steamship on which he travelled was equipped with a screw including a counter, showing the number of turnarounds and James brought home his idea to his brother the mechanic John Ritty.

The cash register was named “The Ritty incorruptible cash register”, and the bartender was now forced to put in the price for the different purchases and the device automatically calculated the amount the customer had to pay.

Later on, the money drawer was applied to the cash register, also invented by the Ritty brothers and I 1894 the cash register also was able to print a receipt.

You can see a picture of the Ritty cash register here as well as read the description on the first cash register invention.

Since then a lot has happened within cash registers or POS (Point of Sales), as it is commonly known as today. From being a device to calculate a price based on manually input until today as a full automatic software solution including automatically registering of goods via barcodes, different payment solutions, stock control, reporting, handling of customer data, self-serving POS, integration to retailers other IT systems, different solutions for different business and lots more. And the development is ongoing.

Some of the buzz words, for today´s retailing, are mobile payment (NFC) and mobile devices making it easy to serve the customers no matter where in the store, on markets and so on. Also the technology behind is constantly improved to give the users of the POS solutions the most fast, flexible, user friendly and professional solution.

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