From one to many

Whether you are a single store owner or a middle-sized or large chain, the best POS system to choose, is a scalable system. That is if costs, training and installation time matters in the long run.

Make sure your decision, when choosing your POS system, makes it possible to grow with your business.

The DdD POS system is scalable in every way.

  • From 1 to unlimited Point of Sales within the same account
  • Multilingual
  • Open API
  • Cloud Computing

This means that within the same account you have the possibility to enlarge your number of Point of Sales maintaining the system centrally. You can also choose to run the inventory management as one inventory or multiple.

The scalability can be local as well as global. The system can be adapted to any language and culture. It is possible to choose language for the entire system and to have individual language settings on the POS for different sales assistant nationalities in the store.

The built-in open API makes it possible to scale your POS system towards web store, loyalty programs, ERP systems and whatever IT system you choose to run in your business.

For an Omnichannel strategy it is important to be able to serve the customers in the same way whatever sales channel. The customers expect the same service and information level whether they visit your webstore, physical store or for example your social media sales channel. The integration between systems is of utmost importance to be able to do so.

All data in the DdD system is hosted in the Cloud. This gives you a lot of advantages when scaling your retail system. Not only do you save costs as you do not need to install/maintain a local server. Software updates are implemented automatically and you have access to your data no matter where and when.

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