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We acknowledge that a well working retail system is more important than ever for fashion retailers. And to have this you need your different sales channels and retail IT systems to talk together. Otherwise you will not be able to implement an Omnichannel strategy and this you need if you want to meet your digital savvy customers.

Omnichannel has come to stay.

Omnichannel is about coordination, putting the customer in the center and deliver the right content to the customers relevant for your core business. When using different sales channels, it is important to integrate and analyze data in order to benefit the most and to give the customers transparency.

As much as it is relevant to put focus on the sales channels and the information you provide for your customers, while eliminating the silo thinking between sales channels. It is as important to be sure that data is gathered and processed to be able to work with an omnichannel environment.

Sales channels

Retailers often have more than one sales channel. And it is important to be online as well as having a physical store – however the different sales channels need to be integrated. Otherwise you will not get the full benefits of the different channels. Worst case scenario it could backfire on your business if you are not well prepared and not have the different sales channels “melt” together.

The customers expect to have the exact same possibilities whether they visit your webstore or your physical store. They want price transparency but also the same information about the item whatever sales channel they navigate in and finally they also want the freedom to choose how to have the item delivered.

Stock management will be your core functionality to succeed in this. Controlling your stock will give your customers instant knowledge of stock whatever sales channel they visit. Add on Click and Collect and you have a very good head start for your omnichannel strategy.


In a competitive business as fashion retail you rely on figures and information to manage your business. Not only do you need to know exactly how your stock is performing it is also important to know your customers.

On a daily business, you collect a lot of information like sales figures, income, customer and market data. And in order to have all these data processed you need to have them gathered through integrations between your IT systems. The ideal world will be to have one app for you to access and manage your entire business.

In DdD we strive to make your business management as simple and flexible as possible. We integrate via API, csv or EDI to any 3rd party supplier of IT systems. We already have a number of integrations ready and via the DdD API we are able to create an easy, safe, 2-way communication between your different IT solutions like webstore, customer club application, reporting app and ERP system. Having this in mind you have a very good foundation of planning your omnichannel strategy focusing on optimizing your e-business, supply and delivery chain.

Other benefits from linking various IT systems together is easier administration and reducing risk of errors at for example registering items at arrival.

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