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Improve your business with loyal customers

The DdD Loyalty application is a flexible and user-friendly tool to encourage customers to make additional sales in your different sales channels and the application is fully integrated to DdD POS. Implement a loyalty program to your customers and you will soon experience an increase in turnover.


Allotment of points

You can easily manage your customers allotment of points in DdD Loyalty. Define how much points each purchase will return and reward your customers

Several promotion possibilities

Next to allotment of points, based on previous purchase, there are several other promotion possibilities as: A fixed percentage discount, periodical bonus check etc.

Registering customer data

Register customer data directly in the application as a member, in a browser/Web form or directly on the POS

Cloud based application

DdD Loyalty application is cloud based giving you access to data from anywhere at any time

3rd party loyalty application

Do you already have a loyalty application? Data can easily be transferred to DdD Loyalty or an integration can be set up from DdD Back Office via API

Attachment of receipt

It is possible to attach a receipt to a loyalty account retrospectively in the administration portal

Mailing customers

The loyalty application integrates with 3rd party suppliers of mailing solutions or alike via our open API

Customized view on customer transactions

Customize your view on transactions on each customer. You can choose between all available descriptions of items and variants for example article, color and size

Searching a customer

Look up the customer either by barcode or magnetic strip. Or search the customer manually by loyalty number, Social security number, e-mail or alike. It is possible to search for the customer on all listed information

Reporting and statistics

Make use of DdD Report for statistics on collected data. Create a report with the desired dimensions from the customer club, such as gender or age and with financial ratios from DdD Back Office such as sales or gross profit

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