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Highly skilled developers

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How we work

Inhouse product development

In DdD we have in house development with highly skilled developers

Our development model is based on an agile approach and involves prototyping and quick release cycles. The development model depends on the product at focus. In very complex products a more analytic approach is taken, but also adheres to the principles behind quick release cycles.

The DdD Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide our customers with the technological means of supporting and automatizing the supply chain from receiving goods to sale on fashion retailer’s sales platforms.

This goes along with our vision of being in front of the tech race within the Point of Sale business, providing fashion retail with new technology in an affordable, low-maintenance package.

Given these overall guidelines we will deliver the most comprehensive standard fashion Point of Sale solution on the market, enabling support of our customer’s core business areas and their growth as well as providing them with the flexibility to quickly react to changes and shifting demands.

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Utilizing the Cloud

DdD has made continuous progress in delivering cloud services through the past decade, and we will continue this journey in the coming years. The products have undergone tremendous changes, and we have a unique position and architecture enabling solid and scalable cloud solutions for the fashion retailers of the future.

In the coming years, we will continue deploying new features and products from our cloud solutions. The goal of the journey is to empower our customers with a self-driven solution and give them the capability to configure and deploy the applications in new stores all over the world. We will innovate and deliver the user experience required by modern users who are requesting more feature-rich and ubiquitous applications. And we will deliver a comprehensive API required for a close cooperation with feature providers.

Meeting our customers
The retailers of today are expecting even more from their digital solutions, increasing the need for a retail IT suite which delivers functionality, usability and scalability. We have identified 4 key areas which we expect will take top priority with retailers now and in the coming years:

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Omnichannel shopping

Retailers increasingly seek to design their businesses with customer experience in mind. This requires new IT systems, and global integrations and connectivity, capable of creating a seamless shopping experience across channels and locations.

In DdD we have begun this journey with Click&Collect, and we will take the journey along with our customers moving towards shopping in several different sales channels. Offline and online.

Mobile devices

New possibilities are emerging, giving retailers enhanced flexibility in the stores. Mobile devices will allow retailers to take advantage of online applications everywhere in the stores, for Loyalty sign-ups or opening several points of sale during peak shopping hours.

DdD has already launched the most flexible solution, with a fully web based POS application. We will continue the journey in the coming years, creating new applications on the same platform.

Loyalty programs with focus on end-customer value creation

Loyalty programs are gaining speed, and most retailers have introduced systems for retaining customers. In the coming years we expect that these systems will not only provide rewards to loyal customers, but will increasingly be used to enhance the user experience on all platforms.

In DdD we believe in the value of customer data, and will continue creating and optimizing information in our loyalty application which enhances the possibilities for retailers to create value for their customers.

One app

As the amount of functionality increases retailers demand even more intuitive and flexible IT systems. Retailers wish to have one login, and one app which is used to manage their core business from receipt of goods to sale to end customers.

In DdD this has had focus since the new DdD POS was launched. The new platform will support retailers across the value chain in a flexible, intuitive and platform-independent application, creating the same user experience regardless of the stores preferred platform.

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