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Next to the DdD software we also offer hardware for your retail IT solution - then you only need to look in one place to get a complete solution for your retail business.

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Brilliant hardware to the retail fashion business


With a high-quality, attractive design, this PC will match the look and feel of any store. The customer screen allows the store to show, for example, the customer’s receipt and/or advertisements. It comes with 8GB and 64 bit Windows making it extremely fast.

Sturdy | Reliable | High-speed | Silent | High quality | Future-proof | True touch screen | Fingerprint reading | Low energy consumption | Easy installation

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Ingenico IPP350 payment terminal

The terminal has a large color display, with large ergonomic letters and tactile buttons.

The top is mounted with an easily accessible NFC reader. It is simple to connect; power and Internet can be hooked up through a single cable.

DdD 2250+ scanner

The DdD 2250+ scanner offers accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. The scanner has no moving parts and its 2500-pixel laser scanner delivers 200 decodes per second.

The large LED has auto-sense and scan recognition, which enhances the workflow.

DdD RP820US receipt printer

The DdD receipt printer comes in a black, really nice looking design.

It prints at a speed of 300 mm per second printing the receipt instantly.

DdD Cash drawer

The cash drawer is a standard size. It comes with stainless steel ball bearings, which make opening and closing the drawer robust and easy.

The cash drawer is delivered with five different keys, so that you aren’t left using the same standard keys as 80% of all other cash drawers in the market.

There is also an emergency button on the bottom of the drawer, for when you are especially unlucky, and you’ve lost power and have no keys on hand.

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