Electronical Data Interchange between you and your suppliers

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Electronic Data Interchange

EDI or Electronical Data Interchange between you and your suppliers can have a huge impact on your business performance – this especially goes for the retail business.

In DdD we offer our customers the possibility for EDI. We work together with the German company Pranke with more than 20 years of experience within electronic data interchange in the retail business.

Together with Pranke we make sure that EDI is created and implemented in the DdD solution. A service including everything from hosting of eBiss converter software to handling of the daily transactions.

Document types

The typical data document types, transferred via EDI to the partners/suppliers in the fashion retail business, are orders, order confirmations, invoices and item and price catalogues. Stock and sales data can be transferred via EDI as well.

If your supplier supports EDI, items can be directly imported to the stock management system by receival. And if price determination and labelling are done at the supplier, the items can be placed directly on the shelves in the store without entering a warehouse.

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Typical modules include

  • eBiss server and service chek (automized or manually)
  • EDI hotline (DdD support)
  • Message and error notifications (normally on daily basis incl. documentation)
  • EDI partner set up and control of locations
  • EDI message tracking and surveillance
  • Continually process optimization on behalf of documentation of the above modules
  • EDI message transfers no matter 3rd party systems (Mail, AS2, X400 FTP among others)



Other benefits

EDI reduces man hours and minimizes the risk of errors as data is automatically transferred with no manual process included.

You will experience less work in archiving, copying, receival and sending of mails and your employees will have more time to sell and service your customers as EDI has minimized the administration work.

Using EDI will give you even more control of stock, production and purchasing. For standard items, you can choose to accept automatically order confirmations in suitable time schedules or if your supplier has access to your stock and sales data you can have order confirmations sent automatically on selected items when the stock is reduced to a specific amount.

Last, but not least, EDI will contribute to better information and faster reporting to all involved parties on all level in your business – and of course to your EDI partners.

In the long run, exchange of EDI can be the beginning of a long partnership between store and supplier. The supplier makes sure that the flow of goods is constant and in adjusted amounts – while the data, the supplier receives from the store bring valuable information for production planning.

You will soon see that the exchange of data via EDI will contribute reduction of costs for administration as well as give a higher inventory turnover. Optimized assortment and reduction of inventory without risking sold out on standard items/sizes, release of man hours to serve the customers increasing the possibility of loyal customers and increase of your competitive advantages resulting in a bigger return will also be benefits of using EDI.

And the result? Cash flow, liquidity and gross profit will improve.

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