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Cloud based point of sale
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The DdD POS application is true cloud computing communicating with the DdD servers via API.

The cloud based Point of Sale will give you even greater freedom:

  • Select any platform you want as the DdD POS runs on any hardware, any operating system and any browser
  • Bring the POS with you all over the store on tablet or smartphone
  • Customize the Point of Sale as you can enrich the software with integrations from different vendors in native widgets and plugins
  • The POS is 100% available – works also offline
  • Using the .net platform to provide rich open API we can deliver functionality and data to any 3rd party system you may choose
  • We support multiple languages and cultures, making the POS fully scalable locally and globally

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Other benefits

Software adapted to fashion stores

The DdD POS solution offers a comprehensive package for the daily work in fashion stores, and builds upon the knowledge and experience of customers as well as our employees who are often found to have experience as shop managers in retail stores

Centrally administration of multiple cash registers

DdD Admin allows you access and to manage one or more cash register from a central source. See the status of the POS and change text on receipts, shop assistant details and much more, if needed

Make adjustments on item lines until payment is received

Sale is done in a draft on the POS and the sales assistant can choose any line to make corrections. For example to give a discount, make the line a return or erase the line

Receipts are stored in the cloud

As the receipts are stored in the cloud you have access to all receipts from any Point of sale in the group. All transactions are updated immediately and stock count, turnover, GP, basket size etc. is updated live

Acceptance of all payment methods

All payment methods can be received on the POS; cash payments, credit card payments and mobile transfers (NFC) and each form of payment is registered for you on the cash register

Easy access to give discounts

Discounts can be given on each item line or on total sale – either in percentage or currency

Click & Collect

Do you manage both offline and online sales channels then have a look at the Click & Collect application for DdD POS and give your customers the freedom to choose how to order, receive and pay for items

Professional hardware tailored the fashion business

Are you looking for a powerful POS PC we advise you to have a look at the PC from DdD built for the fashion business – powerful, resistant to dust and inclusive customer display

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