Ecco Holst A/S

Ecco Holst A/S has acquired a valuable management tool in DdD´s POS system

In 2007, Holst Shops A/S chose DdD Retail’s POS system for their 6 shops. Since then, Holst Shops has become a part of the Ecco group of companies (as ECCO HOLST A/S) and the business has grown to include 11 Ecco shops in Jutland and on Funen – and DdD’s retail system has grown with them.

“To open new shops and install point of sales from DdD is easy and straightforward. We prepare the shops as far as we can before one of DdD’s consultants visits us to put the finishing touches and to provide new employees with training in the use of the system. This procedure runs very smoothly and the installation itself is so simple that we could undoubtedly carry it out ourselves if so desired,” says Lars Hansen, Managing Director of Ecco Holst A/S.

And Lars Hansen continues: “In addition, the cash registers themselves are easy to navigate – which was another reason behind our initial decision to choose DdD’s system. New employees can be quickly trained, making it easy for the system to grow together with our business.”

DdD Back Office and DdD Report have become important management tools.

Since 2007, the Back Office component of DdD’s retail system has formed the basis for inventory management and continues to do so to this day. Statistics provided by DdD Back Office and DdD Report are important management tools within Ecco Holst A/S.
“The reporting components of Back Office and Report provide us with all of the information we need. The data we extract provides the basis for our management decisions,” explains Lars Hansen.

Ecco Holst A/S is able to extract statistics relating to any information they require. For example, in-store customer counters are installed which are integrated with Back Office for automated data transfer. It is thereby possible to obtain statistics such as the number of units per point of sale.
Back Office generates automatic reports at pre-determined intervals based on KPIs defined by Ecco Holst A/S, and it is against the background of this data that Lars Hansen and his management colleagues reach their decisions about the business.

Integration with other systems and EDI at the pace that suits Ecco Holst A/S.

Since Ecco Holst A/S joined the Ecco group of companies, Electronic Data Interchange has been implemented in the retail system. This has allowed the automated transfer of data such as orders and order confirmations and resulted in savings in administrative resources due to less data entry.

With built-in open API, Ecco Holst A/S also has the opportunity to integrate the DdD system with their webshop and financial system, allowing synchronisation of all data, for example, inventory, something which Lars Hansen is looking forward to. “But it’s fantastic that we can implement it at a pace that suits us,” concludes Lars Hansen.

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