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Access and manage your Point of sales centrally.

We have developed the DdD Admin application in the cloud to give you a flexible, intuitive application to manage your DdD POS Systems in different stores from anywhere at any time. Minimize errors, save time and be sure you communicate the same across your different stores.

Central management


Create header and footer on your receipt and decide the item information displayed on the receipt.

Texts on gift cards, credit vouchers etc.

Create various texts for gift cards, credit vouchers and receipts of exchange

Manage sales assistants

Centrally you can manage sales assistants – names, user rights, which language they want on the user interface.

Manage various buttons

To make working processes more flexible you can change colors on important buttons to highlight specific functions

Copy function

Do you manage more than one POS it is easy to mark one of them as standard and copy the functions to the rest.


Monitor for each POS PC the temperature of the PC, left capacity on hard disk, is an updated antivirus installed and for how long has the PC been turned on?

Other functions

Manage various functions as for example currency, Internet shortcuts and search parameters

Handling movement of items

Define the stores that should be able to move items in between


Upload of pictures to the POS

Handling all of your cash registers centrally reduces risk of errors and makes sure you communicate the same on receipts, gift cards etc. Furthermore you have complete control of sales assistants´ rights. Last but not least you also minimize resources as one person can update all cash registers in different stores by copying functions from the chosen standard POS PC.


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