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Optimizing sales channels

Implement DdD Click & Collect to your DdD solution and optimize your sales and delivery chain. Give your customers the choice to choose whether to buy at your webstore and get the item delivered at home or to pick it up in your brick´n´mortar:

It is this easy

The customer reserve the item at your webstore (Click) and choose whether it should be picked up in your store (Collect)

Choice of payment

Decide how you want the payment to be done. Payment at the webstore, payment when picking up the item in the store or optimize your sales channels and let the customer decide for herself when the payment is done.

Order handling directly from the DdD POS

Whenever a customer chooses to pick up an item in the store you will have a notification directly on the DdD POS. The POS will blink in the top bar when there is a web order assigned to the store in which the POS is located. Click on the Click & Collect button and prepare the order for the customer. A pick list can be printed.

Shipment from store

In case the order should be handled as a shipment from the store it is possible to print a receiver address label ready to put on the package.

Inventory in real time

As long as you have the right integrations between your different sales channels, your inventory will always be up-to-date. If this is the case – the customer will be able to see directly on the webstore whether the item is available at the preferred pick up point.

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Other benefits

Added sales

Pulling the customers into your brick´n´mortar (collecting the purchase) give you the opportunity for added sales

Minimizing returns

As the customer has the chance to try on and see the bought item, returns will be minimized. Costs and time saving for your business

Zero freight costs

Collecting the item in the store means zero freight costs on that order

That extra service

Having the customers in the store gives you the opportunity to offer them that extra service that will help make them loyal customers and return to your store

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