DdD Back Office

Flexible back office application

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DdD Back Office

Professional stock management

The DdD Back Office is the most flexible back office application for managing your business. Store and inventory management, daily reporting etc. can be done in this tool from anywhere and at any time.

DdD Back office is guaranteed to be:

Available at all times

DdD Back Office was the first cloud based application from DdD making the application available 24/7. Access data and manage your business at all times from anywhere

Ready for any integration

Integration to DdD Back Office is done via API, giving full freedom to go into any partnership at any time. Examples could be web shops, loyalty programs, ERP systems among others. It all comes down to your needs

Globalized and localized

DdD Back Office is supporting multiple languages and cultures. This enables retailers everywhere to use the system in their own language. DdD Back Office is a global application adapted to local needs

Other benefits

Stock management at its best

Integrate your DdD Back Office to your other sales channels and you will have updated inventory data in real time. Look up stock data in other stores within the group and easily transfer items from one store to another.

Overview of business data – fully control of your business

View standard reports or customize your own including your preferred KPI´s as sales, turnover, gross result, rate of turnover etc. The reports can be generated automatically. Set it for example to be generated each morning and you can start your working day getting a-jour with your business. For more detailed reporting, have a look at the DdD Report application.

Item groups and supplier

Easy management of item groups – adjust, delete, create new lists. Supplier information is likewise easy to manage

Adapted to the retail fashion business

The DdD Back Office is over many years adapted to the retail fashion business. We acknowledge your needs for easy management of different assortment several times over a year

Receipt of good

Manually receival of goods or via EDI – it does not matter. The DdD Back Office will adapt to your needs.

Stock taking

Easy stock taking functionality – stock counts and statements are easily up- and downloaded

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