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In DdD we deliver Point of sales solutions to the fashion retail industry.

Technologically speaking, both the market and DdD’s solutions have undergone massive development. From being a small administration system for the automatic management of sales and inventory the DdD solutions still focuses greatly on managing inventory and sales, while also offering many other functions, such as EDI, integration to, for example, online stores/ loyalty clubs/ERP systems, a comprehensive report generator, and much more. All of this together is based on the most recent technologies.

Our philosophy is accessibility and security within our IT solutions, and just as it has been over 25 years ago, our focus is still on the fashion/retail branch. That’s where we stand out from the rest. Today, the company has over 40 employees, development departments in both Denmark and Germany, and over 1800 customers and 2500 installations spread across Europe. Since 2016 we have been part of the London listed K3 Business Technology Group bringing us even more development skills to make sure that we will continue to be in front on technology and development.


DdD Retail A/S starts up as a one-man business selling NCR cash registers.

The company purchases the IT company Kingtron, and from the merger creates the company Detail Data Denmark. The merged company’s activities are extended to cover development, sales, and servicing of intelligent IT solutions for the fashion/retail industry.

The first subsidiary company is established in Sweden, and soon after in Norway.

Focusing on increased internationalization (with particular focus on the German market), the owner makes a partial generation handover, adding Via Venture Partners as a co-investor. Due to its growth strategy, the name is changed from Detail Data Denmark to DdD retail A/S.

DdD retail purchases NTS Systemhouse (COWIS) in Germany, and forms the subsidiary company DdD retail Germany AG. NTS Systemhouse’s product portfolio is much like that of DdD’s, but in addition to POS and back office, NTS has also become specialized in multichannel support.

In April 2016 DdD Retail becomes part of the listed K3 Business Technology Group plc (K3) situated in UK. K3 is a leading global supplier of integrated price winning business systems to retailers, manufacturers and distributors. Furthermore K3 is a leading supplier of Microsoft’s business solutions and a member of Microsoft’s Inner Circle and President’s Club. The DdD Cloud solution is a complementary solution to the K3 product portfolio and being a part of K3 increases the possibilities for internationalization of DdD and a continuous focus on developing and delivering a professional cloud based IT solution for fashion retailers.

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