Plug and play Point of sale

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Cloud based Point of Sale system – easy to install

The cloud based DdD POS is easy to deploy and very intuitive to use. Working with the POS in your daily business, gives you the benefits of mobility and increased service towards your customers.

If you choose DdD Retail in a Box you get all the benefits. A complete Retail solution including hardware, inventory management, reporting, omnichannel and integration to DdD Cloud based POS – then you have a professional tool for fashion retail management.

The DdD Retail solution is compatible with all operating systems, on any hardware and from any browser. It is by far the most flexible best of practice POS system on the market.

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Single store or large retail fashion chain?

Whether you are a large retail fashion chain, a single store or somewhere in between we have the right solution for you. How can we help you?

Our integration partners

Among others DdD POS system and DdD Retail in a Box works well with:


We are constantly on the move to find the best hardware for you and offers a high-performance touch POS-PC with customer display, cash drawer, BT scanner, receipt printer and integrated payment terminal.

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