Point of Sale (POS)

Secure the future of your cash register
DdD POS is lifted to new heights. The software is ready in the cloud and can be downloaded and put into service on your existing hardware. Whether you want to use PC, tablet or smartphone and whether you use Apple, Windows, Android......

Use the entire store as a big cash register. You can serve customers anywhere and can of course receive mobile payments directly on the devices you have around the shop.

Hosted solutions provide many benefits
The DdD POS software is hosted in the cloud and provides the following benefits

o    Data security. Your data is safe and you don’t even need to think about back up
o    Availability. You have access to data regardless of where and when - as long as you have Internet access
o    Always the latest software. We provide software updates so you always have the latest technology and features
o    No expensive investments. There is no need to invest in servers since DdD provides the hosting.

Software adapted to fashion stores
The software has for many years been adapted to the industry. All types of service are simple and quick to process on the POS. Discounts are quickly given in both dollars and percent. All means of payment are supported.

Central administration of multiple cash registers
With DdD Admin it is possible to administer one or more point of sale solutions from a central source. Shows the status of the POS and gives the possibility of changing text on receipts, shop assistant details, etc. 

All kinds of payment
All kinds of payment can be received on the register; cash payments, credit card payments and mobile transfers (NFC) and each form of payment is registered for you on the cash register.

Click & Collect
With a cash register from DdD it is possible to offer customers Click & Collect service. On the store's website the customer can reserve a given product (Click) and choose to pick it up in the store (Collect). It provides a number of advantages for both the customer and the retailer. The order is handled directly from the cash register, where you can print a pick list and at pick-up, it can also indicate whether the order is paid for in advance or payable in the store.

Inventory control and reporting in back office
Inventory control and reporting are adapted to needs. In the POS software it is possible at any time to see the stock in another shop. Create reports as needed or use the widely used standard reports that already exist in the system. Know about the styles/sizes/variants that are sold, and adapt your business accordingly.

DdD Retail offers a complete solution including hardware. DdD Retail in a Box is supplied as a single plug and play solution that includes a robust and fast POS PC, specially designed for the fashion industry. In addition Retail in a Box is delivered with a 2D scanner, receipt printer and cash drawer.

Integration to other systems
At any time you can integrate DdD POS to other systems in your stores. Using the “open API” you can connect yourPOS system to your webshop, your ERP system, and much more. These will provide you with a full overview of inventory, in real time. EDI is also a possibility - with all the advantages involved. 

From one to many - and always available

DdD's solution is based on Cloud Computing which means that there is always access to data via a browser regardless of time and place. This gives a high degree of data security, and no extra investment is necessary in the form of servers when a new system is installed. Cloud Computing also enables scaling of the system from one to many in no time - both nationally and internationally.

DdD provides support by telephone, email, or chat. You can read more about opening hours here.