DdD Loyalty Programme

The customer club module allows you to offer your customers a smart system for earning points/discounts and you can take care of your customer relationships and thereby create loyal customers, which equals increased revenue and an improved bottom line. The module is fully integrated into the DdD cash register system and is an indispensable professional tool you can easily implement in your daily business.

Make the customer into a loyal customer

Through direct communication with the customer and incentives for the customer to return to your store (earning points, special customer club facilities, etc.) you create loyal customers. The customer has given their approval for you to address them directly and that should be used in your marketing. Tailor your communications based on customer data and purchasing behavior and the customer receives direct and relevant communication - isn’t that what we all dream about?

Register customers
Customers can be set up in the loyalty module or directly on the cash register in the store. The customer's e-mail will be their user name and password and telephone are additional required fields. Data can be loaded from any existing customer club.

Discount types
In the customer club module it is possible for customers to earn discounts - the more they buy, the bigger the discounts. Create the desired discount types and the customer gets automatic registration of their discount that can be used for subsequent purchases.

Customer purchases
Customer purchases are recorded in the customer's account - use the information, for example, to help with color/size selection from the customer's last purchase in the store.

See statistics in DdD report
In DdD report it is possible to pull statistics on the collected data. Create a report with the desired dimensions from the customer club such as gender or age and with financial ratios from DdD report such sales or gross profit.

Communicate with the customer
Through a 3rd party you can filter customer data and target your communication with the customer. Send invitations to customer club events, send birthday deals on the customer's birthday or send offers for the customer's favorite brand, category or color based on the customer's previous purchases. Your creativity is only limited by your imagination.