Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has a lot of advantages

Cloud Computing means that your solution is hosted in the Cloud and whether you have one store or multiple stores a hosted IT solution like DdD POS and Back Office brings you several advantages:

- Access to your data anytime, anywhere - as long as you have access to the Internet
- High data security - back up is automatically. You do not need to worry about your data
- Automatically software updates - you will always have access to the most recent update of software
- Flexibility, control and fast reaction time - access to your business data at any time means that you can react fast on for example decreasing sales figures.

Log on anytime, anywhere

Operating in the Cloud you are not dependent on time nor place. Log on anytime, anywhere as long as you have got access to the Internet. Using the DdD solution makes it possible at any time to:

- Check out sales data
- Get access to customer data
- Create and manage new cash registers
- Create and manage employees, customers and partners
- Create and see statistics and reports
- and much more....

At all time you have a complete overview of your business and the flexibility to manage your business when needed. Our POS software meets the demands of mobility, accessibility and security in the fashion retail business.




High level of data security

Another advantage of Cloud Computing is the high level of data security. All business data is stored in the cloud and you do not risk loss of data due to technical problems.

Neither do you need to worry about back up of your data. The back up happens automatically and your data is secured at all times.

Reporting on the go

Cloud Computing also gives you the possibility of receiving reports on the go. In DdD Back Office or DdD Report you set up all of your reports and also at which time and to whom the reports should be sent.

At the specified time you will get the report inclusive your requested data and at all times you are of course able to change the different criterias for your reports.

No suprises with Cloud Computing

Purchasing the DdD POS solution gives you no surprises in terms of extra costs. Due to the hosting in the cloud you do not need to invest in servers and back ups.