DdD Back Office – effective inventory control and administration

The back office part of the DdD retail solution of course comes with the most necessary functions in the field of inventory control and administration, such as:

- Receipt of items (manually or via EDI).
- Create categories of items.
- Create vendors.
- Create ranges.
- Inventory counting.
- Moving articles between shops.
- Item inquiries in own and other shops.

Report generator
Follow your business - create statistics on the most general key figures, such as:

- Sales.
- Gross sales.
- Net sales.
- Gross profit.
- Rate of turnover.
... and many more.

Make use of the pre-defined reports or create your own. The most frequently used reports can be generated automatically, so that they are ready in the morning.

Data security and overview
Back office operates in the cloud and allows maximum data security and visibility with the service. No matter where and when, you can log into the system and monitor the store's turnover, employee performance and your inventory.

With built-in open API it is quick and easy to integrate into external suppliers of ERP systems for webshops, loyalty programs, etc.