Cloud based DdD POS               
Download on any hardware

The new revolutionary cloud based POS system gives you the possibility to serve your customers all over your store. DdD POS gives you the flexibility to serve your customers at the register, in the fitting room, at the rack or even on the street in front of your store. 

The possibilities become infinite. Using a smartphone or tablet you can finish the purchase on the spot with no need for a register.

DdD POS is the future proofed POS system. Install with no risks. The software runs across all your units regardless of operating system, no long term project phase needed and the intuitive and user friendly interface makes it very easy to implement.

DdD POS works:

  • On all operating systems
  • In all browsers
  • On all hardware
  • Also offline



Retail in a Box - all inclusive

Kasseapparat-1-2 Cash register

Search and sale of goods. Direct access to inventory from cash register. Easy access to all necessary functions for serving the customers. Designed especially for retail fashion, intuitive and user friendly.

EDI  Click & Collect

Click & Collect offers new opportunities for businesses through both e-commerce and the physical store. Let the customer order (Click) the product in the webshop and give the option to pick-up (Collect) in the store.

Lagerstyring-1-2Inventory management

 Professionel inventory management – gain a full overview of the stock in the entire company. Veryeasy to look up items in local and other stores as well as transferring items between stores.


Real-time reporting. Statitics right down on variant level as color and size. Follow your business performance no matter when and where as all data is stored in the cloud.

Kunder-5  Customer behaviour

Register your customers and get to know them and their buying behavior. Use the data for marketing, choose the right items for each local store and get loyal customers.

Synchronize your IT solutions. The built-in API gives fast and secure two-way communication between for example the DdD solution, web shop and ERP system.  

Integration to the POS system

The DdD Retail system is hosted in the Cloud. Integrating the system to other IT-systems in the company as webshop and ERP system, the data is automatically synchronized and in real time. Plan your Omnichannel strategy and get a complete overview of relevant data as stock, product data, customer data, orders and much more from both online and offline channels. 

Hardware - DdD Retail in a Boxddd-retailinabox-2

DdD Retail in a Box comes as a complete solution—all inclusive. The hardware is high quality and comes with POS PC, cash drawer, receipt printer, and wireless scanner.

”Data from the POS solution is integrated with several of Samsøe & Samsøe's other IT systems. This helps ensure that the company can make the right decisions early and on the best basis, and it means a lot to an expanding business”.

”The DdD solution has helped the group through a major acquisition and has been a major contributor in the process of getting the companies integrated and cooperating. It means that DK Company has been able to gain clarity and efficiency in a short period of time, and has the tools to make the right decisions in local markets and various countries.